Bhushan Shirapure

7 Marketing Automation Strategies for 2023

marketing automation strategies

As marketing efforts span over wider audience cohorts, many tasks become very repetitive and prone to human error. Marketing automation proved solutions that not only automate such tasks but also increase the efficacy of one’s efforts. Here are some marketing automation strategies to help you get started. Research your Competitors To achieve success in your […]

Effective Tools for Omnichannel Personalization

tools for omnichannel personalization

Wondering how did Amazon manage to remain at the top of the leader board with net sales of $108.518 billion in the first quarter of 2021, demonstrating a rise of 43.8 percent from net sales of 2020!! It’s simply because this customer-centric brand has mastered the Omnichannel Personalization marketing technique, which proved to be one […]

11 Trends in Digital Advertising to Watch

Digital advertising trends

If you are an aspiring or experienced advertiser, you must have gone through the digital advertising trends to understand what is happening or expected to happen in the market and ways you can compete to win. Keeping up with the latest digital advertising trends is a necessity for those who want to make their name […]