How B2B Intent Marketing Strategies Are Shaping Marketing in 2021

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Intent-based marketing is the process of directing campaigns to targeted users or buyers who have indicated an interest in a particular product or service. An intent marketing campaign develops tailored messages based on data about your ideal clients’ online behavior. For marketers to successfully reach their clients, intent marketing is becoming a crucial technique. The secret to […]

11 Best Marketing Automation Software of 2021

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Automation is shaping the marketing industry We have developed powerful automation software that enable learning and perform automated tasks. Automation and AI are inevitable for businesses. At some point, you would need to incorporate automation to key concerns of your marketing campaigns. The majority of marketers have embraced automation for marketing tactics. The advanced marketing […]

7 Marketing Automation Strategies for 2021

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As marketing efforts span over wider audience cohorts, many tasks become very repetitive and prone to human error. Marketing automation proved solutions that not only automate such tasks but also increase the efficacy of one’s efforts. Here are some marketing automation strategies to help you get started. Research your Competitors To achieve success in your […]

Direct Mail vs. Dimensional Mail: Which Should You Choose?

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A business owner often overlooks a tried-and-tested marketing strategy that yields results. Email marketing might seem like a strategy of the past, but the statistics will blow your mind. Nearly 41% of Americans start their day by looking at their emails. Today, we will discuss two elements of email marketing: direct mail and dimensional mail. […]