Account Based Marketing Made Simple


Account Based Marketing, or ABM, is much more than just another marketing strategy. It is a strategy of growth that puts the potential client or prospect first. In contrast to typical B2B marketing methods that aim to fill up the sales funnel by focusing on delivering high numbers of leads, account based marketing aims to develop a market of one.

Since every client likes to feel special, account based marketing allows product and service companies to tailor their offerings to reach individual accounts with specific information and attributes that goes directly to meeting the needs of that one account. While most B2B marketers try to reach as many prospects as possible in short order, ABM allows for the concentration of time, money, effort, and resources to clearly identify and target certain accounts within a market and create personalized campaigns to connect with each account.

While ABM is far from being the new kid on the block,


Inventive SMi aims to deliver ABM strategies at scale and help you close more of the deals you want.

At Inventive SMi, we have developed our platform to help you deliver uniquely customized and highly optimized experiences to customers based on data analysis, intelligent insights, and smart marketing. Our ABM platform will open doors for the sales and marketing efforts of your team to work together and establish conversations with buyers that you have never been able to establish before.