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Account Based Marketing vs Lead Generation: Which is Better?

Article is on Account Based Marketing and Lead Generation

Account based marketing and lead generation can both be helpful for your company. However, you can go for account-based marketing if at least one high involvement of your company. It is also considered one of the premium marketing for which you will have to target an audience that has been in touch with your company […]

Demand Generation Metrics You Should Know to Uplevel Sales in 2022

Article is about Demand Generation Metrics in 2022

The single biggest objective of every marketing and sales team is to generate demand. However, according to a HubSpot survey, 61 percent of marketers believe that generating traffic and leads will be the most challenging issue in 2021. As a result, B2B companies across various sectors spend more than 11.3 percent of their annual budget […]

10 Best Practices for Demand Generation in 2021

demand generation practices

It is more important now than ever for demand generation teams to link their efforts to revenue. Demand generation best practices play a big role in that. To drive the demand generation process, you have to create and share relevant and valuable content. In the demand generation best practices, marketing automation enables leads to be […]