5 Reasons Appointment Setting is Necessary


Appointment setting plays an important role in account-based marketing. It is a process which should be initiated at a very early stage and is often the key to open the door for lead generation. Before moving ahead with sales plans and products, it is essential for companies to train their marketers to set and freeze […]

The Importance of Web Content Syndication


In the world of business today, buyers’ buying behavior is changing drastically. Before making a purchase from a company, prospective buyers are able to conduct sufficient online research. This overt dependence on online content has made web content syndication crucial for companies to be successful. To win over prospective buyers, you need to consistently create […]

Top B2B Lead Generation Tips Using LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the most popular social website for networking, job seekers, and career references, but it has also proved to be a fantastic platform for boosting business for companies. LinkedIn is not only a professional networking site, but also provides a rich source of material on lead generation for B2B marketers. Marketers can use LinkedIn […]