Rupesh Dhiwar

Account Based Marketing vs Lead Generation: Which is Better?

Article is on Account Based Marketing and Lead Generation

Account based marketing and lead generation can both be helpful for your company. However, you can go for account-based marketing if at least one high involvement of your company. It is also considered one of the premium marketing for which you will have to target an audience that has been in touch with your company […]

6 Ways to Get the Best Results from Account Based Marketing

Article tells the Account Based Marketing (ABM) Rules

When it comes to marketing and selling your products or services, you have a variety of options to pick from today. Although you can decide to target a variety of clients, there will always be some unqualified leads in the funnel. But imagine being able to only sell and market your brand to high-value clients. […]

Demand Generation Metrics You Should Know to Uplevel Sales in 2022

Article is about Demand Generation Metrics in 2022

The single biggest objective of every marketing and sales team is to generate demand. However, according to a HubSpot survey, 61 percent of marketers believe that generating traffic and leads will be the most challenging issue in 2021. As a result, B2B companies across various sectors spend more than 11.3 percent of their annual budget […]

How to Create an Account-Based Marketing Plan


Have you made several attempts to bring together account-based marketing (ABM) strategies but like the adventures from the Animaniacs episode of Pinky and the Brain — the ultimate result is utter failure? For a lot of B2B marketers, account-level strategies have been just as large and seemingly unachievable as the goal of two mice repeatedly trying to […]

How to Use Market Surveys for Account Optimization

article is about market survey in account optimization

Global market research indicates that the community of marketers spends a whopping 45 billion dollars annually on research. The majority of the capital is used to hire full-service research contractors to pull out the market research and stats from the vendors, suppliers, and agencies. But why hire a middleman for conducting market research? It is […]