Account-Based Profiling

Inventive SMi’s primary proficiency is to use technological innovation on a strategic level to help clients get to where they need to be more successfully through new and current accounts. Our account-based profiling solutions provide considerable business advantages in two key areas:

  • We offer management with insight into markets and lead accounts so they can continually refine sales and marketing strategy.
  • We proactively inform account managers of sales issues and deliver new business opportunities enabling them to sell more effectively and intelligently.

Information and market intelligence on potential accounts may prove vital for your business needs. Account-based intelligence could relate to specific information or customized needs that are crucial to market products and services and that optimize demand for it. Inventive SMi uses unified techniques of research to gather market insights according to client requirements across any vertical. The company profiles we build helps clients to strategize and make growth plans geared toward success.

Our primary objective is twofold:

    • The Account-Based Marketing Objective

A key objective of account-based marketing is to be able to recognize and properly coordinate the right items to the right number of clients. Knowing the marketability of each item and the needs of potential users are important for creation and placement. This guarantees that marketing deploys the most effective customized strategies and applications, which in turn allows sales to link to the right viewers.

    • The Account-Based Sales Objective

Account-based sales teams often encounter two key difficulties, looking for new clients and nurturing current ones. This often results in limited sales resources being allocated to both. Further, clients today are more challenging, IT-savvy, and experienced. To meet both objectives, sales needs to support its recognition of accounts and connections with strong account intellect. The latter is crucial to having effective discussions with clients and discovering immediate, mid-term, and long-term possibilities.