Account-Based Marketing Analytics

After specific campaigns have been disseminated, measurement and tracking is everything. Before making complex decisions, insights and analyses are needed to understand prospects within your target group and to help close deals. These insights into the needs and challenges of potential clients can offer major advantages to help close deals when it is most important.

Insights can be as small or as large as needed. However, a basic report can effectively show the behaviors and interests of specific accounts. For example, after sending a message to specifically targeted accounts, a report can be pulled to determine how many account users clicked from the message to the website or landing page, if multiple pages, which page was clicked to the most, and how many visitors to that page over time.

At Inventive SMi, we ensure that detailed insights along with recommendations for improvement and analysis of sales activities are provided after each campaign. In-depth reporting on targeted account behaviors and changes over time ensure that the right messages are brought to the right people using the right method and at the right time.