Account Based Market Surveys

Inventive SMi can reach potential prospects per requirements given by clients and complete survey questions provided by clients. Account-based market research involves conducting surveys can be initiated based on a wide range of demographics including job title and/or position, location, industry, or event interest. Inventive SMi will complete all comprehensive surveys with questions that pertain to multiple aspects of a prospect and a rating system to rate prospects based on their answers will be created. One survey can or may necessitate conversations from one or multiple prospects.

Inventive SMi is a premier account-based market research company that provides a full suite of account-based market research services including survey design, survey execution, and survey analysis. Our market surveys can help your company:

  • Obtain a wide reach of market surveys
  • Get honest answers
  • Assume substantial cost benefits
  • Find out about your competitors
  • Boost customer retention

What are you waiting for? Check out Inventive SMi’s account-based market research surveys today. You can create a survey in minutes and begin to receive critical feedback that will help you to grow your business.