Account-Based Demand Generation

A solid account-based demand generation solution focuses not only on the product or service but also on the industry. To begin, we make an extra effort to understand specific areas of buyer interest as well as the levels and stages of the buyer journey. This is often done by analyzing the online behavior of buyers and then targeting specific accounts based on relevant online behaviors.

Our account-based demand generation service is based on three main pillars:

    • Fresh Content

Publishing and sharing relevant and timely content in places buyers are likely to be.

    • Prospect Reach Campaign

Running campaigns that act as delivery tools for relevant content, including banner ads, emails, and newsletters that are sent to highly segmented lists.

    • Better Visibility on Search Engines

A combination of well strategized content placed on your website, paid search campaigns, and on-page optimization that is all designed to make your site one of the first landing pages for prospective customers.

Our Account-Based B2B Demand Generation strategies will provide a proven return on investment (ROI) and many of our customers will achieve a positive return.