Account-Based Contact Generation

Identifying potential customers for your business, product, or service can be difficult as customer demands and expectations are constantly changing. However, if you know your target audience you can learn how to market to them better.

Before doing account-based contact generation, Inventive SMi does the following:

  • We research demographic profiles for your target audience
  • We determine the values and lifestyles of your target audience
  • We determine how you intend your target audience to interact with your service and product
  • We create a target audience profile

Inventive SMi identifies the right contacts in your target market and builds a custom designed database according to specific requirements. This database can also be location-based, role-based, or industry-based if you desire. All contacts provided to the client are verified by telephone. We build this database list of companies and contacts that meet pre‐defined parameters and have the capability to build a database across all verticals in all geographies.