Account-Based Appointment Setting

Most companies over a wide range of industries aim to find new prospective clients and they do so by setting up B2B appointments. This business process helps a member of one company connect with a member of another company who is also looking for similar business. Account-based B2B appointment setting is mostly made up of specific movers and shakers within a selected industry who knows the potential client.

There are many B2B account-based appointment setting services. Account-based B2B appointment setting services help to tag, identify, and generate sales leads and fix business appointments. This saves time spent on cold calls and allows more time to be spent in lead generation ideas and preparing strong sales pitches for specific prospects that you not only want to connect with but aim to bring in as solid clients.

It is always easier to sell to a prospective client if you have an appointment. Account-based B2B appointment setting services typically have appointment setters who have a contact sheet of all potential leads to set appointments with only interested parties and do away with leads that might not generate future revenue.

Account-based B2B appointment setting with Inventive SMi includes:

  • Quality control process
  • Dedicated, quality resources
  • Powerful communication with your sales team
  • Business prospects research and analyzation
  • Knowledge of the business
  • Closing the sale